Product:  Rocket Spanish
Overall Ranking:  98/100
Price:  $149.95 per level (3 levels)
Owners:  Rocket Languages

Rocket LanguagesINTRODUCTION

Rocket Languages offers courses in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Hindi, as well as English and Sign Language.  While this review is based on my own study of Rocket Spanish, I expect these comments to hold true across their line of products.


  • Begins with pronunciation, employs native speakers, as well as voice recognition technology.
  • Employs interactive audio, including listen and repeat, question and response, and provides immediate reinforcement or correction.
  • In addition, their “scientifically designed testing algorithms redisplay words and phrases that you are weak on until they stick in your head like glue.”  Users are encouraged to review and retake unit tests until you pass, before moving on.
  • Includes lessons about Latin American culture, as well as conversational vocabulary and grammar.
  • The flashcard app, provided for each lesson, shows words in the context of sentences (which is much more helpful than learning them in isolation).
  • Includes instruction about best learning techniques to improve retention.
  • Progress tracking (example below) is provided with each module to help encourage and motivate you.Progress tracking for each module
  • Each level adds bonus lessons, in the “Survival Kit,” covering topics such as: frequently used phrases, body parts, colors, clothing, food, countries, numbers, household terms, medical Spanish, love/romance, business, humor, feelings, outdoor activities, and more.
  • Among its users, Rocket Languages has a very high satisfaction rating.
  • After paying for a level once, you have lifetime access.
  • Live tutoring is available (at an extra charge).


  • The standard program does not include face to face interaction.


Rocket language courses are appropriate for beginning through intermediate learners who are looking for a well-structured course of self study, including elements of listening, speaking, reading, and writing.


  • Each primary lesson is delivered by means of interactive audio,  about 25 minutes each.  Spanish Level 1 is comprised of 8 modules and a total of 67 lessons (plus supplementary material).  Level 2 then adds modules 9-14, 55 additional lessons.  Level 3 provides 8 more modules, 32 more lessons, addressing practical topics including: parties, Latin culture, friendship and dating, an Amazon adventure, business, travel, and socializing.
  • Lessons also provide transcripts of dialogues and explanations of grammatical constructions.
  • Each lesson contains up to five types of exercises/tests: 1) Hear It Say It, 2) Write It, 3) Know It, 4) a multiple choice Quiz, and 5) Play It.   In addition to answering questions, you are asked to rate each on a scale of perceived difficulty, from easy to hard.Scale of Perceived Difficulty
  • Apps and games are available for mobile use.


  • Help is available via threaded discussion forums, FAQs, and an ongoing blog.
  • There is no opportunity for direct and immediate question and answer unless you pay extra for live tutoring.


Rocket Languages recently released their 2017 update, making an excellent product even better!  The three biggest improvements are:

  1. Both iPhone/iPad and Android applications now feature full voice recognition and an updated interface.
  2. They updated the interface of the desktop version as well to improve navigation and responsiveness.
  3. Since a major factor in language acquisition is simple sticking with it, they also improved the motivational aspects to provide even more encouragement.


Rocket Languages offers a free 7 day intro course.  After that, each levelRocket Languages costs $149.95; however, their site offers coupons and combo deals.  If you want the course on CDs instead of online, each level costs $299.95.  They also offer a generous 60 day money back guarantee on all their courses; so you can try it out for a time and, if it doesn’t fit for you, ask for your money back.


Both Dana and I have enjoyed using Rocket Spanish and highly encourage you to learn more or get your own copy of  Rocket Language in the language of your choice today.  The price seems appropriate, and with the 60 day money back guarantee you really can’t lose!


  1. Hi there David!

    Very interesting product you are reviewing here.
    My mother tongue is Spanish, so even I do not speak it right sometimes (only when I drink a lot of beer LOL), using this for Spanish is out of the question.
    Maybe for English, but Im pretty happy with my communication skills in this language.

    What I have always wanted is to learn Chinese, so let me ask you this, do you recommend this product for that?

    It will be great to get some review from someone who had actually used it for Chinese right?

    Thanks a lot for your time and best regards!

    1. Fito, thank you for your comment. I have not personally used Rocket Chinese, but Yes, I do recommend it. Here’s why. The methods used are the same as for the other Rocket Language products. The comments from those who have used it for Chinese are very positive. And you also get the same 60 day money back guarantee. In addition, Rocket Languages is now having a “Back to School” sale for 3 days! You can’t lose!

  2. How does this program compare to that really famous one, rosetta stone? I’ve heard it’s the best, but I never really looked into it. I once used the Duolingo app off and on to see if I could learn spanish. But I couldn’t get past the first lesson without failing miserably. I took ASL in highschool and excelled at that, so I think some programs just only work well for certain types of learners. What would you say this program focuses on when it comes to how people learn?

    1. Sarah, I have not used Rosetta Stone personally due to its high price tag. I have done some research reading their own description along with consumer reviews. Opinions are certainly mixed! Rosetta Stone is very committed to their particular immersive methodology; instruction is entirely in your target language and you respond by selecting the appropriate picture. Some find this helpful, while many argue that adults could learn much more easily with at least some explanation in their native language. Rosetta Stone also progresses very slowly; once again, some appreciate this, others find it very annoying. By comparison and despite its own limitations, I consider Rocket Languages a helpful mix of native language explanation and target language focus. I hope this is helpful; feel free to e-mail if you have more questions.

  3. Hi David,
    My native language is Spanish so I am very pleased you to offer this course and also learn. Today the “Castellano” as it is known by The Royal Academy is a language that has a very strong interference that allows those who speak this beautiful language have a good working tool. Thanks for the info, I’ll take the English course that has a great price and I need to improve in writing and spoken.
    Anytime you are invited to enter my page in Spanish, I hope to help you with learning.

  4. Great article and nicely written. I’ve purchased Rosetta Stone in the past and was very pleased with it.
    I think it would behoove you to do a comparison of this product with Rosetta Stone as the leading competitor.
    Do you have any testimonials other than yourself?
    Where could this be used…in schools?

    1. Thank you, Karen i have purchased Rosetta Stone as well. i am in the process of preparing a review of Rosetta Stone. Rocket Languages can be used by individuals and by schools as well.

  5. Hi David,
    I like your product, may be some times I will order that…but not now since i have a lot homework to do…just for a question why they call ‘rocket languages? Is it because too fast getting learn a new languges or what? Your have a great ideas…i hope you will success in future…

    1. I think the name ‘Rocket Languages’ is because the courses are designed to dramatically accelerate your learning. Best wishes!

  6. Hi David, thank you so much for the interesting read! I found your review to be very helpful! I know other online language services like Rosetta Stone cost A LOT of money, but Rocket Languages seems very affordable! I also like how it includes lessons on culture; most learning services will only teach you the language! Thanks again for your advice, I will definitely look into this! Take care!

  7. Awesome! I myself am into foreign language studies as well, too bad they don’t offer Indonesian language courses, or Malay language courses as those two are related to my native Filipino toungue. I’d rcoemment Pimsleur Appraoch, because they don’t do “writing” but only speaking, we learn to speak first before we learn to write.

  8. I liked the review, and was very happy to see your final comments on the expense. Because this is not cheap! But you tell the reader the price is appropriate, AND point out the 60 day money back guarantee.

    Yo no entiendo ninguna parlaba español. That’s what I learned first!

    Roger, The Smiling BassHole

    1. You’re right about the expense. To some extent the adage is true, “You get what you pay for,” but not always. That’s why I don’t recommend one best product; you need to consider your own learning style and your own budget. With that in mind, here are a variety of good products to consider

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