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The Pimsleur Method

The Pimsleur method is one of our favorite language learning programs, especially if your best time for learning is during your daily commute or a long trip.  Just listen and repeat, respond, or answer the question.  It’s interactive and gets you actually speaking the language.  The only downside to Pimsleur is the price.  But October 7-10 is their Columbus Day sale; with the code “COLUMBUS” you get an incredible 50% off.  Of course, you need to act quickly!  Either read our full review of Pimsleur, or if you’re ready to act now, just click on this link or the Pimsleur graphic above.

GlossikaGlossika - Listen Your Way to Fluency

If you’ve been following our blog, you know that another favorite is Glossika.  Now, while some other products are on sale frequently, Glossika offers only one sale each year.  From now till October 16, receive 40% off on the ebook package (ebook + audio) and 30% off on the pro package (ebook + physical book + audio) for the language of your choice.  I use Glossika everyday, and it’s made a big difference for me!  Again, check out our full review of Glossika, then click on the Glossika graphic or this link to order your it in your own target language.

Rocket LanguagesRocket Languages

Finally, you’ll have to wait for this one, but it’s worth it.  The launch of the 2017 Edition of Rocket Languages begins at noon (Los Angeles time) on October 24.  For up to four days or 1000 sales, this new version will be available for an amazing 60% off!  I’ve learned that one of the big changes is a total upgrade for both the Android and iOS apps; both apps will now feature full voice recognition as well as a completely new interface!  I look forward to getting my BETA copy soon and look forward to updating our review of Rocket Languages.  If you’ve been thinking about jumping in with Rocket Languages, don’t miss this upcoming opportunity!

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  1. What great specials! It’s hard to choose! But I tend to lean toward Pimsleur, this price is awesome. I can play while I’m fixing dinner, or driving, it’s great!

  2. Never tried an app to learn a language before. I always searched for courses at YouTube and found great courses. I saw Glossika range from 39$ to 119$. So how much does Glossika cost with this sale?

    1. With Glossika I personally recommend the Pro package of Fluency 123 for whichever language you want to learn. That package regularly costs $119.99, but is on sale for $83.99.

  3. I checked the price of each of them at your reviews.
    the Pimsleur method ranges from 119$ to 345$
    Glossika ranges from 39$ to 119$
    Rocket languages about 150$
    I would like to choose the cheapest. Do you have a comparison?
    So, have you tried them and which is the best and how much will it cost with this sale?

    1. Yes, I have tried all of the products we have reviewed and continue to use several of them on a daily basis. These are three of my personal favorites. Assuming you want to be able to hold conversations in your new language, you want to look at move than “level 1.” In order to determine which is best for you, you also need to take into account factors like your best learning style, your lifestyle, and how much time you are willing to spend. Pimsleur at 50% off, Glossika at 30-40% off, or Rocket Languages at 60% off are all amazing deals!

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