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Are you in a time crunchLearn a Language in Ten Days and need to learn a language in ten days, or maybe less? Maybe you’ve just been given an assignment to go abroad for work, and to speak the language would be so beneficial. Or maybe you’re going to travel outside your home country and the travel date is close approaching and you’ve realized you’ve done nothing to prepare. Or maybe you’re just an impatient person by nature and you’d like to learn something new but don’t want it to take a long time.

Well, I’ve got news for you, becoming fluent in a new language in 10 days is probably not a realistic goal. However, if you have ten days to devote exclusively to language learning and use that time well, you are very likely to be in a very good place when you do have to use what you have learned. I once studied a phrase book on a flight to France and, though no one was fooled into thinking I was fluent in French, I was pleasantly surprised with what I could say and how it was received.

The Pimsleur Method

The idea of learning a language in 10 days became popular a number of years ago as an introduction to the Pimsleur Method of language learning. Here’s a great explanation …

The complete Pimsleur Method typically includes 150 lessons; the video references the first 10 – a good start, but still less than 7% of the course.

Intensive Learning

If you are doing this intensive learning style, you are probably going to want to use several different resources and switch between them so that you don’t get totally bored with one and give up. Having more than one resource is good for any language learner because you can draw different things from different approaches, and different resources will likely cover different things in addition to changing up the method. When you do find the same material, it only benefits your learning by reinforcing and giving you the confidence in seeing something familiar.

So what resources are out there for this intense learning experience? In addition to Pimsleur, let’s take a look at a few other great resources you can use.

Fluent In 3 Months

Benny’s new books,Language Hacking SpanishLanguage Hacking: A Conversation Course for Beginners (available in editions for learning Spanish, German, French, or Italian), will get you talking and writing out sentences, or scripts rather, of things you would likely say in common situations. Memorize these! He even encourages you to upload videos of them to Italki.

Similarly, his web based course, Fluent in 3 Months, provides resource and suggested methods and schedules for self study of any language. This instruction from Benny will get you talking, and his lessons move you at a pace you are comfortable with. He says “fluent in 3 months”, and that’s fluent but takes intensive work.

GlossikaGlossika - Listen Your Way to Fluency

Glossika offers a variety of methods, all using listening to, repeating, writing, and translating actual phrases and sentences. Depending on your learning style, this resource has something for everyone. It’s another of our favorites, as you will see if you read our complete Glossika review.


For most of us, learning a language in 10 days is probably not a realistic goal. However, taking the step to learning a second language has so many benefits, anything from increasing your marketability for employment to keeping your memory sharp, and you can find more benefits here. In thinking through the different scenarios that might lead a person to want to learn a language in 10 days, I listed some early on in this article, but I’m sure there are more. I’m curious to what your motivation is. Please comment here and happy language learning.

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