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Product:      Fluent in 3 Months Premium v 2.0Benny, the Irish Polyglot
Overall Ranking:  95/100
Price:  $97 life membership
Owners:  Benny Lewis


Fluent in 3 Months Premium is a web-based tutorial designed to help you learn a new language in three months.  Beyond learning the language, this product will assist you in being able to converse with native speakers much more quickly than traditional courses.

The founder and designer of this program, Benny Lewis, speaks seven languages fluently himself (and can “get along” in many others), yet freely admits that he did poorly in traditional language classes.  In his own words, here’s a brief description of his language learning philosophy:

“I believe strongly that no single course or book can bring a person to fluency. There’s no list of the exact words to learn or the exact resources to use, that works for everyone.”

Fluent in 3 Months “guides readers in the types of phrases they should be learning, the types of learning activities they should be doing, the types of resources they should be using. It gives them all the information and guidance they need to do that, while allowing them to personalize the phrases they learn and resources they use based on their lives, interests, and learning style.”


The PROS are numerous.FI3M - Navigation

  • Step by Step Interface. Fluent in 3 Months is a very organized program.  An introductory video provides a good orientation and overview and shows you how to get started.  The videos to watch are very well done for those visual learners.
  • Specific Tasks to Complete. There are also checklists of things you need to do before moving on, for people like me that need the gratification of checking off items, as on a “to-do” list.  The program builds on itself, and completing each piece in order is important for graduated learning.
  • Customizable Schedule.  Since one size doesn’t fit for all, Benny offers his own sample daily immersion schedule, together with resources to be used to customize a schedule of your own.
  • Resources for Many Languages.  Benny provides specific resources to use in learning 11 different languages.  The great variety of resource options provided for each language allow you to tailor your study to your own learning style.  However, the method will work for any language.  And, if your chosen language is not one of the eleven, you have direct access to the FI3M team.  If you’re looking for a specific resource, they will help you find it!
  • Journaling Feature.  As you work through the program, watch the videos, there is a place on the left sidebar for “NOTES”.  You can expand the field, write your notes and save them.  Then you minimize the field and return to your study and/or video.  This is a helpful tool you don’t find on many websites but it keeps your questions in one place if you don’t have paper and pen handy.
  • Benny himself!  Benny is very likable and fun.  He makes learning a new language seem to be an achievable goal.  He appears trustworthy and certainly knowledgeable on the best way to learn a language.
  • Polyglot Master Classes.  Benny also provides masterclass video interviews with 5 of the world’s most experienced language learners, plus extended audio interviews with advice from 5 more experts.
  • Money Back Guarantee.  You have thirty (30) days to review Fluent in 3 Months Premium and request a refund if it doesn’t meet your expectations.  And it’s easy to find.  The guarantee is announced on and available from the home page before you even login.

There weren’t so many CONS.

  • In my mind this really isn’t a Con, but I have to say it up front: Fluent in 3 Months is not a traditional course in a given language.  If that’s what you are expecting, you’ll quickly be disillusioned.
  • At the time I accessed the review copy, several videos were “raw,” still awaiting professional editing.
  • I had to scroll down to find the “LOGOUT” option.  This may seem like an odd “con” but it would be more convenient to have the option more accessible and easier to find.  And maybe it already is.


This program is for the person serious about learning another language.  To be true to the title, you can reach a certain level of fluency in 3 months, but not without great time investment.  The steps are complete, and not something you can complete just here and there, or an hour here and an hour there.  This is a program you must commit to, for 3 months, full time, and you will succeed.


This program is comprised of 4 streams.

  • Language Hacking: DiscoverStream1 the quickest and easiest way for you to learn a language.  The videos are well done of both the author and those who have been the author’s mentors.  It is good technique to hear different voices in the learning setting.
  • Language Immersion: I particularly like the immersion planStream2 which combines a “sample daily schedule” and an “ultimate resource collection” to guide you in setting up your own customize immersion schedule.
  • FAQs: This section provides great explanations to a number of common questions.  And, if your question is not covered, there is a place right on the FAQ page to click to ASK your question.
  • FI3M Library: There is an extensive library available to “life members” (yes, if you join, you are a lifetime member!) with additional resource information.


In addition to the FAQ section mentioned above, the contact information is accessible right from the login page, handy for feedback and questions about the program.  If you encounter a glitch or have a question with the program, you are encouraged to contact the FI3M team.  I’ve done so and received several very quick responses by e-mail.


For what you get, this program is a bargain at $97.  Plus, that gets you lifetime membership including all future improvements!


This program looks to be very complete, affordable and easy to use.  It is designed for those serious about learning to speak another language, and the tools are all there for you.  To avoid disappointment, realize that the 3 months advertised does not mean 3 months of sporadic sessions, but more likely 3 months of intensive study and actual speaking.  Benny is an expert in this field, and this product can lead you to success.

If you’re ready to take action, join Fluent in 3 Months Premium today.  And remember, there’s no risk to you – everything comes with a 100% back 30-day guarantee.

5 thoughts on “FLUENT IN 3 MONTHS – REALLY NOW?

  1. Hi, this is a nice review and you presented Fluent in 3 Months thoroughly. But I must say I am always skeptical about such courses. Ability of learning languages is of course individual and we are all different. Nevertheless it is hard to expect to speak a language after 3 months, and you pointed this nicely in Cons.

    I just had such an experience with my Spanish, not online but a classical style course, and it was a failure.

    The guy in the photos looks like a pleasant person and I am sure his courses must be a great fun. Many thanks.

    1. I agree in being skeptical about courses which seem to promise more than I expect they can deliver. In this case, I think you would be pleasantly surprised. A couple caveats: It is a lot of hard work, and it’s not a typical course. But if a person were to rigorously follow this process, I think the results are quite achievable. Plus there’s a money back guarantee!

  2. I took Spanish in high school and college and I like the language. I also have an app on my phone. I have also used other tutorials from the local library and downloads from my college library to practice.

    Currently I’m in transition looking for a career in editing and I’m thinking about focusing on Spanish again because I’ll be moving home to California where a lot of jobs prefer someone who is bilingual Spanish/English.

    I’ve looked into Rosetta Stone but didn’t want to pay the high price. However, I’ve met people who say it’s the best program out there. Do you know how Fluent in 3 Months compares to Rosetta Stone? Thank you.

    1. I would not say Rosetta Stone is the best, but rather the best for some people. Fluent in 3 Months is not a language course per se, but rather teaches you how to learn a language. I have found it really valuable, but not as a stand-alone course. It does show you very clearly what you need to do to develop fluency and provides or points you to a variety of helpful tools. If you are looking for a course and are put off by the price of Rosetta Stone, you might want to check out Rocket Spanish.

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