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[Language] Pod 101

Product:  [Language] Pod101 Overall Ranking:  85/100 Price:  Basic $8/mo; Premium $25/mo; PremiumPlus $47 — Discounts Available (see below) Owners: Website:  [Language] INTRODUCTION Innovative Language now offers their flagship program [Language — Insert here your language of choice! ] Pod101 in 34 languages, including: Afrikaans, Arabic, Bulgarian, Cantonese, Chinese (Mandarin), Czech, Danish, Dutch, English, Filipino, Finnish, French, … Continue reading [Language] Pod 101



More and more frequently in the United States, we see both English and Spanish directions in places we encounter every day.  We see both languages (and sometimes more) on ATM machines, airport signs, store packaging, restroom signs, menus, and in product instruction manuals. An Important Cultural Shift This is but one sign of an important … Continue reading WHAT ARE THE BEST ONLINE LANGUAGE COURSES?

Language Hacking Spanish


Bestselling author of Fluent in 3 Months, Benny Lewis, has another language tool for those of us learning a second (third, etc.) language. However, while Fluent in 3 Months teaches you tools for learning any language, his new book, Language Hacking: A Conversation Course for Beginners focuses on specific languages.  So far, editions are available for … Continue reading LANGUAGE HACKING – HOW DO I DO IT?


Product:  Rocket Spanish Overall Ranking:  98/100 Price:  $149.95 per level (3 levels) Owners:  Rocket Languages Website: INTRODUCTION Rocket Languages offers courses in Spanish, German, French, Chinese, Italian, Russian, Portuguese, Korean, Japanese, Arabic, and Hindi, as well as English and Sign Language.  While this review is based on my own study of Rocket Spanish, I … Continue reading ROCKET LANGUAGES — REVIEW

Complete Language - Teach Yourself

COMPLETE LANGUAGE – From Teach Yourself

Product:  Complete [Language] Overall Ranking:  70/100 Price:       $49.95 Owners:   Hodder & Stoughton Ltd, UK Website: INTRODUCTION Complete  [Language] from Teach Yourself describes their general approach as the “Discovery Method.”  By presenting the form of the language in a systematic way, they intention is to help you discover and absorb how the language works rather … Continue reading COMPLETE LANGUAGE – From Teach Yourself

Learn a New Language in 30 Minutes

THE PIMSLEUR METHOD: Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages Fast?

Product:      The Pimsleur Method Overall Ranking:  95/100 Price:  Each Level (30 Lessons) – MP3s $119.95, Software $150, CDs $345 Owners:  Simon & Schuster Publishing Website: INTRODUCTION The Pimsleur Method is tried and true, offered in over 50 languages, and is regarded by many as the best way to learn foreign languages fast!  … Continue reading THE PIMSLEUR METHOD: Best Way to Learn Foreign Languages Fast?

Glossika - Listen Your Way to Fluency

Glossika – Listen Your Way to Fluency

Product:  Glossika Overall Ranking:  95/100 Price:  $39.99 – $119.99 Owners: founded by Michael Campbell Website: INTRODUCTION Glossika is based on ideas first proposed by Dr. Stephen Krashen, professor emeritus at USC, back in 1981.  In particular, 1) “that the most reliable way to really acquire a new language is to listen to it” … Continue reading Glossika – Listen Your Way to Fluency