My Language NeighborhoodHey!  My name is David.  My foreign language experience began with an introduction to Spanish in 4th grade.  I took three years of German in High School, then struggled to get through one semester in college.  Not till grad school did I learn to enjoy language when, finally, the structure of language began to make sense.  Grad school competence exams in Greek, Hebrew, German, and French went well; by now each new language came more easily.  But here’s the kicker, I used those skills only for reading academic books and articles – never for actual conversation!

My wife, Dana has dabbled in a couple foreign languages.  She started with French from 8th to 11th grade and always dreamed she’d go to France.  Then as a senior she took some German classes because that was her heritage (they didn’t teach Norwegian in school!)

Over the years, my wife and I made lifelong friends with a particular Hispanic family.  Their friends became our friends, and we were welcomed into their culture.  We both came to desire to be able to communicate more intimately with them in their native tongue  (rather than waiting for someone to fill us in on the topic of conversation).  I’ll never forget the look of acceptance in their eyes when I made my first attempt, feeble as it was back then, to speak their language.  I began a search for the resources which would help me learn their language most easily.

The resources I have found and provide for you on this website will help you communicate with those in your circle of life.  Please leave me a personal message if your neighbor’s language of origin is not available here, and I will do what I can to make it available to you.  Let me be your personal trainer, so to speak, to help you talk with your neighbor.  Feel free to comment below, or you may reach me directly by e-mail at David@talkwithmyneighbor.com.

~ David and Dana

4 thoughts on “ABOUT US

  1. Hi David,
    Just had a read through your content, very well done. Your website looks great some tweaks needed, but that will all come in time as you grow with your new found skill.
    I like your subject, but you are a brave man to write so much in very easy to read and comprehend.
    I wish you well in your business,

    1. Thanks for the encouraging words, Patrick! I’m glad you found everything easy to read and comprehend; that was my goal! You’re right about tweaks; tonight I hope to begin adding images to bring some graphic appeal to the site. ~ David

  2. David,

    Awesome story and great site!

    I learned Spanish as an exchange student back in the 1970s. The total immersion worked wonders!

    Glad to have a resource to give me tools to brush up on the language and get back in the game.

    Gracias, amigo!

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